Bram got powers? (Chapter 14 – Campaign 1)

Everybody was a bit bitter that the final wasn’t happening today. But there was also a little buss going on that final was going to be good and the fight after that was gonna be even greater.

The next day, just before we took our places, someone came to me saying I was expected in the blacksmith. When I arrived at the smitty, we were with 4 people. My guy, the other finalist and his blacksmith. When I saw him, it was the guy that turned me down a few weeks earlier because my work wasn’t good enough. The look on his face was just priceless when he was me. But hey, what did you expect? And what happened next was even more hilarious. The organisation came back and gave us some money for the armour we made as a little thank you for the shows we helped. But the other smith so angry that he demanded that the real blacksmith would be here of the armour I made. The organisation confirmed that I was the one who made it. And that he would know that if he looked around a week ago.

The match finally started after we got out of the field with our guys. A long wave or applause for everybody was here. I and the other blacksmith went to our places and the match started. You could see the difference in armour when the fight progressed. My guy got a few hard hits on the head and his arm pieces, but no dent at all. On the other guy, my guy just hit 2 or 3 times, but you could see when and where he hit the armour and those dents, they were a bit uncomfortable.

Eventually, the fight was going out for a few more minutes before it was in a kind of a draw. this kinda draw was more like, my guy had his daggers on the other guy’s neck, while the other guy had his sword over his shoulder against the neck of my guy. A little of a draw. First time in history that they saw a final that ended like this.

Everybody was shouting with joy for what happened here. All the bets were cashed in, including mine and the merchant. We had the biggest win because we were the only ones that had made the bed on my guy.

A few hours have passed and the 2 winners are called in the arena to fight the battle everybody is talking about. After an amazing introduction to the people, they brought Bram out in just some robes. But how I saw him, I got a feeling that there is more than the eye could see.

The 2 fighters got closer to Bram and the biggest of the 2 fighters prepared his strike and just before landing the hit, Bram almost did nothing, except mumbling something and the sword hit something like a brick wall inches from Bram his head. But it looks like he hit Bram full in the head without a scar. After a few attacks that almost hit Bram, you saw him getting more and angrier and it was harder to hold back. After a few moments of mumbling, their was a shockwave in the arena that could be felt to the highest places.

When the wave passed, Bram was standing on his spot unharmed, but the guy that attacked him was knocked out against the wall a few feet away. My guy on the other hand was smart enough to do nothing and just dropped on the floor before he was hit with the blast. But the moment he got on his feet, Bram saw it, stretched his arm and my guy just stood their wanted to break free from invisible robes. A second movement of Bram his arms and the guy was screaming in pain like he was on fire. A few seconds passed and Bram released the spell just before his attacker would pass out. He fell on his knees of releave.

I looked over to Steven and we both had a look of disbelieve on our face of what just happend. And especially that the power came from Bram. At that moment, we needed to try to free Bram from his prison and flee this city.

The demonstration was done and Steven took me and the merchant to a room where nobody was. He told them that the warlock he saw, was Bram, an old friend of us and that I am looking for him since he saw Tom a couple of months ago. But than we saw that the merchant didn’t want anything to do with that warlock and if we would bust him out of his prison, Steven was fired.


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